Desexings are performed between 4-6 months of age for kittens, 5 – 6 months of age for female puppies and 6 -12 months of age for male puppies.

This will help prevent unwanted behaviours such as roaming, urine marking, inter-dog aggression, fights leading to cat abscesses and mounting.

It will also help reduce the incidence of health problems such as breast cancer, infected uterus, prostate enlargement and testicular cancer.

It is a simple day procedure and your puppy/kitten will be back home with you that night. We place hidden sutures so there are no sutures on the outside for your pet to pull out- this results in reduced irritation and discomfort. Our prices are very competitive and always include intravenous fluids, dedicated anaesthetic monitoring, pain relief during the procedure and for 3 days following.

We can also perform desexing procedures on smaller family members such as rats, guinea pigs and rabbits.